Nothing But LEDs

Staff Augmentation – Business Development & Sales


Nothing But LEDs is a Georgia based distributor of the latest & efficient LED products. Their product range constitutes high-quality LED lighting from leading LED lighting manufacturers around the world and offers factory-direct prices to their customers’ doorstep. They have consulted on projects of every size and scale, from commercial lighting projects for offices, to hotels, and department stores.



Nothing But LEDs is a B2C distributor which required them to acquire leads and provide information on their products to customers who would contact them. They were in search of skilled professionals to manage their business development and sales departments. They found the recruitment process lengthy, time-consuming, and interfering with their daily operations.

Solutions We Delivered

When Nothing But LEDs approached us, we needed to know what their exact requirements were for the job roles. Bearing their details in mind, we began our recruitment process to find the right, skilled professionals who could deliver Nothing But LEDs objectives. The hired remote staff were briefed and monitored through the project managers and set to work in tandem with the in house team of Nothing But LEDs. With clear communication paths established, the augmentation process was conducted efficiently and promptly while saving our client’s time, costs, and efforts.