Founded in 2008, Beyond LED Technology is a B2B LED lighting product company that designs and manufactures a wide array of high-quality products. With headquarters in Georgia, they produce retrofit, indoor, outdoor, signage, solar, and specialty LED lights. They are also a proud member of the 2018 Inc. 5000 list, and their lighting products come with a 5-year Standard or a 10-year Limited Warranty. Beyond LED Technology prides on being a lighting solutions provider for residential, commercial, and specialty lighting needs. They distribute products through reputable manufacturer reps and distributors throughout North America.
Client’s Challenges
5 Seconds was a brand new entry to the manufacturing world, and as any new brand would need, they too required brand outreach and lead generation. 5 Seconds was considering the necessity for a team of skilled staff who could scale up their outreach and initiate consumer interest. They were in search of dedicated individuals who could seamlessly blend in with the team and work in collaboration to achieve their goals.
Solutions We Delivered
Taking the requirements of the 5 Seconds brand into consideration, we sought the best match among a wide array of skilled candidates. We required remote professionals who could comprehend the nature of business as well as be available to work in different time zones. The 5 Seconds’ newly hired remote staff were guided on their job roles and provided with an appropriate working environment. We arranged a direct mode of communication between the remote team and the in-house team. This arrangement enabled the in-house team to share information and tasks efficiently without any hindrance to complete their tasks.
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