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People and talent are the most valuable assets of every company. Your remote HR and admin staff can help your company focus on core processes and streamline your business functions and reduce expenses. As the roles and responsibilities of HR functions are evolving constantly, HR professionals may encounter work restrictions with limited resources and budgets. A remote professional can get you covered with additional support to relieve any operative and budgetary hindrance.

Remote HR and admin projects or certain functions of HR can transform into additional savings for your business. Utilizing remote HR and admin talent can alleviate your administrative workload so that you have more time to focus on your business needs and goals well within your budgetary constraints.

Work with remote HR and admin experts to grow your business within your budget!

HR Generalist

Your HR Generalist will aid you with a broad range of responsibilities instead of adhering to a specialized line of work. Regular duties such as HR functions, hiring, compensation and benefits, HR administration, etc. would be deftly managed to result in a smooth operation.

Recruitment Specialist

Source and reach out to qualified talent who will contribute to the growth of your business. Your remote recruitment specialists can build networks of potential hires and assess candidates for the job roles and save your time with the recruitment process. The specialist can work day or night as per your desire and needs.


Fill out urgent job roles with ideal candidates efficiently and swiftly with a professional remote headhunter. Gain access to an array of talented candidates who could comply with the requirements of the job role.

Virtual Assistant Staff

Get onboard dedicated virtual assistant staff who can perform various administrative tasks from admin support, appointment setting, online booking, presentation creation, to document processing.

Virtual Manager

Benefit from dedicated staff who can keep the office running smoothly by performing tasks depending on the needs of your office. Free up more time for your business and let a professional handle the regular and mundane office tasks.

Video Monitoring Agent

Hire cost-effective and efficient dedicated professionals to monitor live streams or video recordings of your company. Ensure the safety of your assets with a remote video monitoring agent with a fresh pair of eyes.

How Dotcomsourcing Works For You

1) What are you looking for

Fill us on the details of your staffing requirements such as:

Essential Skills

Years of Experience

Your Budget, etc.

We conduct an expansive customized local search for the ideal candidate that fits your need and budget.

3) Hire Your Ideal Candidate

Select the ideal candidate to join your team. Our clients typically find their dedicated HR and admin staff within 2-4 weeks. If you are unable to find an ideal match, there’ll be no commitments holding you back.

2) Interview the most skilled business development professionals

We will provide you with a CV and portfolios of pre-screened and shortlisted candidates. Choose from the list who you want to interview and test. Let us know the medium you would want to hold the interview – Skype/phone/other platforms. Just inform us about your availability and how you would like to test the candidate.

4) Start Working

Congratulations! You’ve hired your dedicated business development professional from Dotcomsourcing to be a part of your team. They will now report to you directly, working seamlessly on your timezone just like the rest of your team.

5) Grow Your Business

Now you can focus on improving your business and working with your remote skilled professional without the need to manage the in-house staff at a fraction of the cost.

Let us handle:

– The work setup, IT support, and regular performance reviews of your new staff.

– Take care of HR, payroll, admin, and taxes for your team.

– Maintain a pleasant working environment and a thriving culture for your team.

We take on the hassle of your mundane and routine tasks so that you can do what you do best!

We Are Here To Transcend Your Business to Its True Potential .

We take on the hassle of your mundane and cumbersome requirements so that you can do what you do best!

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