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Virtual Staffing Services

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How it works?

Discovery Call

In a comprehensive call, we uncover your needs, including

  • Job description
  • Desired skills and traits
  • Key performance indicators and targets
  • Essential tools and preferred working hours
  • Budget allocation

Recruitment and Screening

We handle recruitment by:

  • Job Creating job ads on various platforms
  • Screening applicants and searching our top-rated databases
  • Key Thoroughly interviewing candidates
  • Assessing skills and personality fit
  • Presenting profiles of the best candidates

Client Interview and Selection:

You conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates via Skype, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. After your selection, we extend the job offer.

Onboarding and Ongoing Support:

We ensure a smooth onboarding process, clarify roles and policies, and provide practical tips for maintaining a harmonious relationship. Regular check-ins from your dedicated Account Manager offer ongoing support and dispute resolution. Throughout, we prioritize delivering the ideal remote employee for your success.

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